Ensuring you have the right equipment is vital. Furthermore, ensuring that your equipment does what you think it does is another important aspect to playing good golf. The Lancaster Golf Performance Centre provides golfers with the means to cross check equipment requirements, providing peace of mind and optimisation of equipment selection.

Custom Fitting

Provides golfers with bespoke equipment options; meeting the athletic needs of the player, allowing the ball flight to be optimised. Lancaster’s superb selection of bands provides players with information on which club types are most suitable for their swing and ball flight tendencies.

‘it is a fact 92% of golfers who have been custom-fit with a launch monitor see an immediate benefit after buying new clubs’

1 Hour Custom Fitting £25

1 Hour Club Gap Testing £30

Club Gap Testing

is a much more holistic approach which details the effectiveness of the make-up of the player’s current set. A detailed profiling of the clubs looks for performance inconsistencies and ineffective yardage gaps between clubs. This process allows an informed equipment upgrade or adjustments to clubs, optimising the players set.

Here at Lancaster Golf club we recognise that not everyone has the same golf swing, so it is important that you have clubs that are custom fit to your specifications. Having custom-fit clubs will help to give you the confidence to play your best.

We use the GC2 Smart Camera system which has a high resolution camera capturing 10,000 frames per second. We have a wide range of demo products available for the trail in custom-fitting sessions, on the range or out on the course.

For information about fitting please email coaching@lancastergc.co.uk